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Every household requires a different amount of cables and connection types. In the living room alone, there are a number of cables due to the coupling of television, game console, receiver, router and sound system. Other types come about when using a desktop PC. Which cable connector You will find out what you need for a great cinematic experience at home and what you need for first-class gameplay in the following sections.

Cable plugs for breathtaking film experiences

The cinema atmosphere in your own four walls is now standard in many households. Most of them rely on a large television, which ideally plays 4K content. However, there are now models that achieve a resolution of 8K. Even in the field of projectors, the technology is so advanced that they not only support high resolutions, but also project 3D films onto the screen.

HDMI cable – indispensable for everyday life

In order to connect the television or beamer to the playback device, a HDMI cable needed. Nowadays, the video interface is one of the most used and convinces with its strong performance. With the Version HDMI 2.1 Enjoy 4K content up to 120Hz and 8K files with a refresh rate of 60Hz.

Satellite and antenna cables – tried and tested and still brand new

Among the classics among the cables are the satellite and antenna cable . Both cable plugs are used for television and radio reception and are not only suitable for people who have a satellite dish. Contrary to what the name suggests, with Satellite and antenna cables also receive terrestrial signals (DVB-T) or feed in digital television (DVB-C) .

At KabelDirekt offers a large selection of TV and video cables . From different lengths and different versions to angled cable connectors, our online shop offers you every type of cable you need. In addition, we lead special adapters in our range, with which you can compensate for missing connections on your technical devices. HDMI to DVI, HDMI to USB-C, micro or mini HDMI to HDMI? No matter what type of cable you are looking for, with KabelDirekt you get the cable connector in the variant you need.

Audio cable for cinematic sound

If you want to receive a stable sound signal, you don't rely on wireless transmissions such as Bluetooth, but choose the classic connection via cable. Most audio devices usually offer more than just one way to transport the sound. At KabelDirekt, we carry various types of audio cables and tell you the differences between the individual transmission technologies.

The handle – an old friend

The jack cable (Aux cable) is probably one of the most common cables for sound reception. It can be easily connected to smartphones, tablets, handhelds, controllers, MP3 players and many more devices. Typically, these are 3.5mm jacks used with headphones and simple speakers.

Depending on the intended use, you should definitely pay attention to the type of jack. 3-pin versions are not suitable for headsets , since only the sound is transported to the headphones or loudspeakers. For transmission in the opposite direction, as is usual with a microphone, you need a jack cable with 4 poles .

The cinch cable - the classic for hi-fi devices

In audio engineering RCA cable used since the 1930s. Despite this long time, these cables are by no means obsolete. Even today they are used to transmit analogue and digital signals. are there RCA cable with a resistance of 50 ohms exclusively suitable for feeding analog sounds, while Variants with 75 Ohm also digital signals support.

Make a specialty Component cable with triple cinch/RCA plugs which, in addition to sound, also transmit color signals. With these cable types, you can connect your video playback device or a games console to your television, for example, and achieve Full HD resolution.

TOSLINK - for breathtaking sound

Anyone who owns a soundbar, turntable or high-quality hi-fi device will be familiar with this type of connector. The TOSLINK was developed by Toshiba in 1983 and works purely with light waves. This has the advantage that audio cable is completely resistant to electrical and magnetic interference. TOSLINK is primarily suitable for digital transmission in stereo, Dolby Digital and DTS (5.1 sound formats). However, if you value Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos or DTS-HD, you have to use an HDMI cable.

Gaming cables

Whether on the PC or the game console - when gaming you need a few cables to connect the monitor, PC or game console and the Internet. In addition, there is one or the other peripheral device such as headphones or headsets, which are connected either in the classic way via a jack or with the help of a USB cable.

Monitor cable for razor-sharp images

In order to connect the display to the hardware, you need either a HDMI or a DisplayPort cable . The former is used in both game consoles and graphics cards. The latter is primarily found on GPUs, notebooks, tablets, projectors and Blu-Ray players.

If you have an old monitor, you may have to open it DVI-D or even VGA cable switch However, these cable connectors do not support high resolutions and refresh rates. To help you decide, you can use the table below to determine which generation of cable types is best for your preferred resolution and refresh rate.



















HDMI 2.0b












DisplayPort 1.4






DisplayPort 2.1






Matching LAN cables for your PC

We offer a wide selection so that you can enjoy a stable and fast Internet connection when gaming and working on the PC network cables in different lengths and with different transfer rates. Depending on which tariff you have booked with your Internet provider and which LAN controller is installed in your hardware, special ones are recommended Ethernet connector .

In our range you will find the following types:

  • CAT6 (1Gbps)
  • CAT7 (10 Gbps)
  • CAT8 (40 Gbps)

Cables for peripherals and PC hardware

Anyone who has ever put together a desktop PC themselves knows that different cable connectors are required for this. Typically, for a classic PC, HDMI cables are also used SATA and Molex cables required for installing hard drives, while most peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, external storage media and drives via USB cable get connected.

At KabelDirekt you will also find numerous Adapater cables with which you can bridge different types of connections or multiply the number of sockets and slots available.