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Everything for cable management

No one likes tangled cables, but it doesn't work without cables either, at least in most cases. The more hardware there is in your own four walls, the more cables have to be laid. Even more cables are needed in offices when computers and monitors have to be connected to the electricity and the network. Fortunately, there are solutions that make cable management a lot easier and thus ensure order on and under the desk.

Cable ties in different sizes and colors

Be first Cable ties . If you have devices that have multiple cables coming out of them, these little helpers will prove extremely useful for avoiding cable clutter, for example behind the TV. They are also essential for good PC cable management inside the case. With us you will find cable ties made of ordinary plastic as well as Velcro variants. They all have something in common: they are reusable. Even the versions without Velcro can be easily opened again after you have closed them. All you have to do is apply light pressure to the locking mechanism.

Our cable ties are available in different sizes and sets of different sizes. Whether you want 100 pieces of the same length or a mix of three sizes of 40 pieces each, our range has exactly the right cable tie for you. You can also use Velcro rolls to cut your cable ties yourself and you still have the choice between the colors white and black.

Practical storage boxes made of bamboo wood

Good cable management not only includes keeping things tidy where cables are actively used, but also storing cables and all the other things that are not constantly in use properly. We offer attractive solutions for this Storage boxes made from 100 percent FSC-certified bamboo. They do not contain any plastic and are therefore manufactured in an environmentally friendly way. Three different sizes are available and the boxes can be stacked wonderfully. You can also find the matching lids from us. Important note: For the largest version of the cable box you need two lids.

Next to Storage boxes we also have a box on offer that, thanks to narrow slits on the sides, is particularly suitable for hiding cables that are in use and multiple sockets. For example, it looks good in the kitchen - and anywhere where appearance and comfort are important. You put a power strip in it, run the power cables out on the sides and the lid of the box is also suitable as a shelf for kitchen utensils. The box is also extremely practical for cable management on the desk.

Speaking of desks: there is one in our range Monitor stand made of bamboo. The small wooden table with metal legs fits on any desk and improves ergonomics when working and gaming. If you place your screen or laptop on the stand, the resulting viewing angle will help you to maintain a healthy sitting position and thus protect your neck and back. The stand can be used to place other items such as documents or pens, and there is enough storage underneath to hide your keyboard and mouse when you're done with work or taking a break from gaming.

Cable baskets for safe storage under the desk

An alternative to Cable box , when it comes to cable management at the desk, are ours Cable baskets , also called cable trays. They are made of high-quality, powder-coated steel and are available in three versions, some for screwing on and some for clamping.

The Cable baskets are ideal for simply making power strips, bulky power supplies and tangled cables disappear under the desk. This is a good option, especially when power strips would otherwise be on the floor where children and pets can easily reach them. When it comes to cable management, it's not just about everything being tidy, but also about being safe.

Power strips with quick charging function

While we're on the subject: In our shop there are various types of power strips available. They are available in versions with three, four or five sockets, in white and black and with various USB ports. In addition to variants with three USB-A sockets of the 2.0 standard, there are also models that offer either a USB-C 3.0 port with Power Delivery or a USB-A 3.0 port with Quick Charge. In both cases these are connections that you can use to charge battery-powered devices such as your smartphone or tablet particularly quickly. When choosing, you just have to pay attention to which of the two fast charging technologies your hardware supports.


Frequently asked questions about cable management

What is the best way to hide cables?

For longer computer cables and other cables that are laid across one or even several rooms, the use of cable ducts is recommended. When it comes to the immediate area around the desk, a cable basket on the underside of the table in combination with cable ties works well. Alternatively, our storage box with side slots and a lid that can be used as a storage area is a good option. It looks beautifully simple and fits into every room.

What to do with unused cables and other accessories?

Over the years, a lot of cables accumulate that you don't use all the time but could need at any time. But where should you keep them? Best in boxes like our bamboo storage boxes. They look stylish and can be easily stacked on top of each other. Use cable ties to save as much space as possible and prevent cable tangles.

How can I hide TV cables?

Some people only have a television in their living room and may only need to run a single cable for power. But if you add a LAN connection, one or more game consoles, a DVD or Blu-ray player and a sound system, the amount of cables increases significantly. Our Bamboo storage box with lid and practical side slots help to hide the cables in an attractive way and also offer space for a multiple socket to supply the devices with power. Ideally, you should also use cable ties to bundle several cables or to stop cables that are too long.