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TOSLINK cable: sound transmission via fiber optics

When the Japanese technology group Toshiba developed a cable in 1983 that was intended to connect its own CD players and radio receivers, you probably had no idea that it would one day become a universal standard in the audio sector. TOSLINK is no longer a technology that only works in conjunction with Toshiba devices. In the meantime, the corresponding cables are manufactured by various companies and are used for many purposes.

TOSLINK: metal-free optical fibers

TOSLINK cable are optical audio cables and transmit digital signals, unlike jack cables, for example, which only work with analog sound. The special feature of TOSLINK: It is an optical fiber made of plastic. This means that interference signals are not a problem. Finally, the cables lack metal as standard, so they are not susceptible to electrical and magnetic interference coupling.

There are cables that have metal reinforcement built in to make them more robust. However, this has the disadvantage that ground loops can occur in the connected devices, which in turn causes interference signals. At our TOSLINK cables This problem does not exist because their PVC lines are 100 percent metal-free.

High-quality TOSLINK and Mini-TOSLINK cables from KabelDirekt

The TOSLINK cable from our range are compatible with the usual optical audio inputs and outputs as well as with S/PDIF connections (Sony/Philips Digital Interface). They are ideal for connecting a television or projector to a stereo system or other hi-fi systems, for example. How to create your own home cinema. Some game consoles also have an optical audio output, namely the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One.

In addition to the normal TOSLINK plugs, there is also that Mini TOSLINK format . Devices with the appropriate connection include, for example, certain iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro and MacBook Pro models, but also the Chromecast Audio, AirPort Express, Intel NUC and some MP3 players. In order to connect these devices to your hi-fi system, you need an adapter cable from Mini-TOSLINK to the normal plug variant.

We offer TOSLINK cable of different lengths, starting at 0.5 meters up to 10 or even 15 meters. Both the standard TOSLINK cable and the version with a mini TOSLINK connector have metal connectors with a 24K gold plating that protects against corrosion. They go through multiple functional tests before they are finally packaged.


Frequently asked questions about TOSLINK cables

Are TOSLINK and S/PDIF the same?

No, but they are now compatible. S/PDIF stands for Sony/Philips Digital Interface and is an interface while TOSLINK is the name of a connection system.

Optical digital cables (TOSLINK, fiber optics, LWL) are used to transmit audio signals. Common connectors are labeled SPDIF IN, SPDIF OUT, OPT IN, or OPT OUT.

Why do you need an optical audio cable or TOSLINK cable?

Optical cables, which include TOSLINK connectors, transmit digital signals using pulses of light (fiber optics, often called fiber optics), which are converted into electrical signals. They are ideal for digital audio transmission between stereo systems, soundbars, home cinemas, televisions/TVs, hi-fi systems, PlayStation (PS3, PS4 Pro), Xbox One etc. They are completely immune to electrical interference signals.

Which is better: Optical cable or HDMI ARC?

First of all, the question is whether your devices offer connections for both at all. If this is the case, it is recommended HDMI because you don't need an extra audio cable. In addition, the standard is more powerful and supports features such as Dolby Atmos.