Collection: CAT8 ethernet cables

Lightning-fast CAT 8 network cables

CAT 8 cables are the fastest Ethernet cables currently available. They can transfer data at speeds of up to 40Gbit/s, making them four times as fast as CAT 7 cables and 40 times faster than CAT 6 cables. This is made possible thanks to their operating frequency of up to 2,000MHz.

This makes CAT 8 cables ideal for large, super-fast networks such as at data centres. Currently, CAT 8 cables aren’t really needed for personal use. After all, hardly anyone at home has a connection that can handle anything approaching 40Gbit/s.

Even so, CAT 8 cables are highly suited to simple uses as well, such as for connecting computers, video game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), or smart TVs to the internet. Using a LAN connection like this, you can be 100% sure that you’ll be surfing the web and downloading files at the highest speeds your network has to offer.

It’s also important to note that there are two classes of CAT 8 cables. CAT 8.1 cables are compatible with CAT 6A and RJ45 (Western) connectors, whereas CAT 8.2 cables are compatible with CAT 7A and TERA, ARJ45, and GG45 connectors.

Buy high-quality CAT 8 cables from KabelDirekt

Our CAT 8.1 cables with RJ45 connectors stand out from the crowd thanks to their high data transfer speeds and excellent build quality. The plastic jacket is both durable and flexible for easy cable laying. The male connector features a tab which prevents the cable from unintentionally disconnecting and breaking the connection.

Our CAT 8 cables are well shielded so that they reliably reach top speed and always perform as intended. Inside, every twisted pair (typical of Ethernet cables) is wrapped in foil screen. In turn, all the twisted pairs are enclosed in an aluminium braid screen, preventing any interference. If it weren’t for this superior shielding, the CAT 8 internet cable would never reach its high maximum speed, let alone at a cable length of ten metres or more ( the maximum length of CAT 8 cables is 30 metres).

FAQs about CAT 8 network cables

What kind of network cable do I need?

The kind of LAN cable you need depends on two factors. Namely, how fast your internet connection is and how long a cable you need. In terms of internet connection, you’d probably only need a CAT 6 cable, which has a maximum speed is 1Gbit/s. Very few European households have connections that fast. However, if you’re looking to install a particularly long cable, CAT 7 cables are worth it simply for their better shielding. The longer the Ethernet cable is, the more susceptible it is to interference and the better shielded it needs to be.

What does CAT mean?

CAT is short for “category”, and there are several categories of network cables. The higher the number after “CAT”, the faster the cable’s transfer speeds are. Cables from the higher categories also have better shielding, which they need so that they can reach higher bandwidths.

What does S/FTP mean?

Our CAT 8 cable has S/FTP shielding. S/FTP stands for screened foiled twisted pair and means that each twisted pair is individually protected by foil. In addition, the twisted pairs are enclosed by a braid screen.

What is a CAT 8 network cable used for?

CAT 8 cables have extremely high data transfer speeds, so they’re ideal for use with servers in data centres. They’re also great for offices and huge LAN parties.