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HDMI-DVI Adapter Cable - Bi-directional, DVI-D 24+1/High Speed ​​HDMI Cable, 1080p/Full HD, Black

HDMI-DVI Adapter Cable - Bi-directional, DVI-D 24+1/High Speed ​​HDMI Cable, 1080p/Full HD, Black

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Short description
  • Dual use: The HDMI-DVI cable (male/male) connects the HDMI output of a PC with DVI monitors, televisions, projectors (DVI-D/24+1 or DVI-I/25+5) - or vice versa a DVI output with an HDMI screen
  • Digital image quality: Thanks to purely digital technology, the video signals are transmitted without loss - for perfect quality with full HD resolutions such as 1920x1080 (1080p) or 3D video. Suitable for single link or dual link DVI connections
  • Best workmanship: high-purity copper lines, gold-plated connectors to prevent corrosion, reliable metal shielding against interference signals and strict, multi-stage quality control - everything for unadulterated signal quality
  • Versatile: Suitable for PCs and notebooks, game consoles, DVD/Blu-ray players, monitors, televisions, projectors. A separate cable is required for sound transmission
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Millions of customers trust KabelDirekt

DVI/HDMI adapter cable from KabelDirekt

Digital, lossless image transmission for DVI and HDMI devices - our adapter cables combine maximum performance with maximum material quality.

Each cable goes through multiple functional tests before it is packed.
Best quality for a razor-sharp image

Whether television, monitor, PC or game console: the HDMI connector fits practically all HDMI devices.

Due to the integrated cable, this adapter is immediately ready for use - without an additional cable.

Technical highlights

The high-purity copper lines are protected from interference signals by a secure metal shield.

The dual-link DVI technology delivers perfect quality with Full HD resolutions (1920x1080/1080p).

The small knurled screws hold the large DVI plug securely on the device.
Additional advantages

More screen space for work, home cinema and multimedia.

Ideal for older devices with a DVI connection.

Digital image signal for razor-sharp images.

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