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How is a soundbar connected to the TV?

You can have a soundbar with one HDMI cable or an optical one TOSLINK cable to your television, depending on the connections on both devices. To connect using an HDMI cable, your TV's HDMI port must support HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) or HDMI eARC. The connection via an HDMI cable offers the advantage that this can also transmit an image in addition to the sound and you may not need a second cable.

What do HDMI ARC and eARC mean?

HDMI ARC is an audio return channel and stands for Audio Return Channel . This feature was introduced with HDMI version 1.4 and allows you to easily connect your home cinema system to the television. With HDMI ARC, audio signals can be both received and transmitted over the same cable and no separate optical audio cable is required. With HDMI ARC it is possible to transmit audio signals up to 5.1 (surround sound) back via the HDMI input. HDMI eARC (since HDMI 2.1) is the successor to the HDMI ARC standard introduced with HDMI 1.4 and stands for enhanced audio return channel .

What are the advantages of HDMI eARC over ARC?

The main differences between ARC and eARC are speed and bandwidth. About the with HDMI2.1 introduced improved version of the audio return channel, significantly larger amounts of data can be transmitted. As a result, digital audio signals do not have to be compressed and can be transmitted with all the details without sacrificing quality. While the maximum bandwidth for the audio signal was 1 Mbit/s with ARC, it is 37 Mbit/s with eARC. With eARC, you can enjoy cinematic 7.1 surround sound via DTS:X or DOLBY Atmos audio formats.

What is HDMI CEC and what is it used for?

CEC stands for Consumer Electronics Control and enables cross-device control of several devices connected via HDMI with just one remote control. In addition to controlling multiple devices, CEC has other advantages: The television switches on automatically from standby mode when a PlayStation 5 connected via HDMI-CEC or a BluRay player is switched on. With HDMI CEC, the television automatically switches to the HDMI input of the active device when multiple signal sources are connected.

How can I activate and use CEC?

Unfortunately, some devices do not have CEC enabled by default and must first be turned on in the device's system settings. Depending on the device manufacturer, the CEC function is unfortunately hidden behind a different name. Samsung calls CEC Anynet+, Sony calls it BRAVIA Sync, Sharp calls it Aquos Link, LG calls it Simplink and Philips calls it EasyLink.

When does it make sense to use optical HDMI cables?

For longer distances (from 5 meters in length) and high resolutions, it is advisable to use optical HDMI cables. Thanks to optical light wave technology, our certified optical Ultra High Speed ​​HDMI 2.1 cable lossless HDMI signals over long distances. The cable is resistant to interference (0% signal loss) and particularly flexible (4.5 mm cable thickness).

What is the difference between satellite and antenna cables?

The only difference between the two cable types is the connector. Satellite cables (SAT) have F plugs and sockets. These are characterized by a screw lock. Antenna cables, on the other hand, have coaxial plugs and sockets that cannot be screwed tight.

What is the difference between copper and CCA speaker wire?

With CCA cables, the strands consist only of aluminum, which is wrapped in a copper jacket. In order to achieve a perfect sound experience, however, the strands of the cable should be made of pure copper. Our speaker cable are all made of pure copper and are made in Germany.

What are banana plugs used for?

Loudspeaker cables do not have plugs by default. This can make connecting the cables a bit tricky. Especially when there is little space behind the devices, handling the wires can sometimes end in nerve-wracking fiddling. With banana plugs save yourself this hassle: simply insert the cable ends and fix the strands with the two screws. In this way you ensure on the one hand that the cable does not slip out of the plug again and on the other hand that there are no contact resistances.