Collection: USB cable for the TV

USB cable for the TV

Whether for charging the smartphone, connecting the computer to external devices or connecting mass storage devices - the USB standard has proven to be useful in a wide range of applications. And USB has even more to offer than many people think. Because of the versatility, too USB cable for the TV more and more popular and convince with their functionality.

USB – the perennial favorite in the cable sector

What is USB anyway? The acronym stands for Universal Serial Bus – a Data transmission system that has been on the market for several decades and has since replaced numerous other interface variants. Nowadays, USB is used almost everywhere. Devices that are often equipped with a corresponding socket include:

  • smartphones and tablets
  • computers and laptops
  • TVs and monitors
  • external hard drives

USB 4.0 - faster than ever

USB has existed since 1996, but the transmission system has changed a lot since then. For example, new versions are like this much faster data transfer and can power devices at the same time . In order to exploit the full potential, however, you need an appropriate cable. Our USB cables for the TV and other devices are up to date and therefore meet the highest demands. The most advanced version - USB 4.0 - transmits up to 120 gigabits per second . But USB 3.0 and up are also considered to be extremely fast.

USB cable for the TV - many uses

As a universal interface, USB covers a wide range of functions and USB cables for the TV are no exception. With the latest standards in particular, the area of ​​application has expanded again and this also opens up further possibilities for the television. We have a few examples for you at a glance.

  • View images from other devices: You can connect your smartphone, your PC or your hard drives to the television using a TV USB cable. This makes it possible to display photos on the big screen - practical if you want to look at the holiday pictures together with friends or family. The supported formats depend on the TV.
  • Transmission of high-resolution videos: Newer specifications achieve remarkable speeds - sufficient for video transmission, which otherwise only enabled HDMI or DisplayPort. USB 4.0 meets the highest standards and is even suitable for 4K content.

USB cables for TVs and more

Of course, you can also use our USB cable for the TV for all your other devices . Particularly popular: data transfer from the smartphone or external hard drive to the PC or laptop and vice versa. If you use a high-quality cable, you will speed up data transfer and avoid long waiting times. If you want to charge your mobile devices via USB, use one Cable with Power Delivery . They are not only suitable for small devices such as mobile phones and tablets, but also for laptops. In addition, the standard enables fast charging functions by means of voltage regulation.

Wide variety of USB cables for the TV

Looking for a USB cable for your TV? Then you are exactly right with us. We rely on great variety and cables with different connector types: USB-A, USB-C, micro-USB, extension cable or adapter ? There is sure to be a suitable counterpart for your device sockets. We offer all versions in different lengths.


What is the function of the USB port on the TV?

You can connect smartphones, external hard drives or USB sticks to the television via the USB port. This gives you the option of playing media files such as images or videos on the large screen.

Can I transfer image signals with USB cables?

The widespread USB 2.0 cables are already sufficient for playing back static images. For videos, on the other hand, an adapter from USB 3.0 to HDMI is suitable, which can convert the video signals for output. If you want to transfer 4K signals, use a USB cable with the new USB-C connector type.