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TV cable – picture and sound of the highest quality

A brand new TV in the living room is impressive, but if you want to fully exploit the potential of the latest devices, you need a TV cable that is just as advanced. This is the only way to enjoy your favorite series, films and games in the highest picture and sound quality. If Video, audio or USB cables – with KabelDirekt you get everything you need for a first-class television experience.

That is why high-quality TV cables are worthwhile for the television

In addition to the power supply unit for the power supply, the television also uses antenna cables, HDMI cables and various audio cables. Only they enable the reception of the television program, the transmission of images from other devices and the sound reproduction via the hi-fi system. Accordingly, the cables play a crucial role and even affect the quality . The latest cable standards also have practical additional functions and support high resolutions of 4K and beyond for sharp images.

However, quality differences between cheap and high-quality cables for the TV have other side effects. No more picture errors, disturbances and disconnections - thanks to better shielding values ​​and strict quality controls, KabelDirekt products take care of you reliable operation . This is particularly advantageous with longer cables and results in a long service life.

Wide variety of TV cables

Modern televisions have a variety of connection options. Accordingly, we offer a large number of suitable TV cables in our online shop, which leave nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and quality.

Antenna and satellite cable for the best reception

The standard equipment of every television includes at least one antenna or satellite cable. In both cases it is coaxial cable that Ensure reception of the television programme. They connect to the TV with one end and to the wall socket with the other end. The only differences between the variants are the connection. As the owner of a satellite dish, you will most likely need a so-called F-connector, which is equipped with an additional screw connection. With an antenna connection, on the other hand, you use a TV cable with a coax plug.

TV video cable for smooth image transmission

The HDMI connection has established itself as a fixture in the home entertainment sector. This is a digital interface that you can use to connect other devices to the television. The most common options include the Connecting a Blu-ray player or receiver . The transmission of images from a PC or laptop is also not a problem with HDMI. The standard is generally considered to be widespread - and for good reason. HDMI cable are able to, transmit audio and video simultaneously and save you unnecessary cable clutter. We rely on the latest versions of our TV cables. So you benefit from the support of high-resolution standards such as 4K or even 8K , uncompromising color representation and useful additional functions such as HDR or Dolby Atmos.

Premium sound with TV audio cables

In principle, HDMI cables already cover many applications in the audio sector. However, if your hardware does not have the necessary connections, you can simply switch to special audio cables, which also give you an impressive sound. Here you have several variants to choose from.

The cinch cable is indispensable in audio engineering. It is suitable for analogue or digital data transmission between amplifiers, hi-fi systems, the subwoofer and the television. If you are looking for an optical digital cable for interference-free transmission, you can reach for our TOSLINK cables. Whether for Stereo system, the entire home cinema or the game console - Thanks to the compatibility with optical audio inputs and outputs as well as S/PDIF connections, you can use it with numerous devices.

USB cable for rapid data transfer

USB is hard to imagine today without it and so it is not surprising that it is also used on the home TV. Similar to a PC or laptop, you transfer data from other devices to the TV using a USB cable. For example, you have the option View images or videos on the big screen . Due to their transmission rate, the latest USB 4.0 cables are even suitable for transmitting video signals and support high resolutions for detailed image reproduction.

KabelDirekt television cable

Whether you are looking for a TV cable for TV reception, video transmission, a hi-fi system or data exchange – you can get TV cables of excellent quality from KabelDirekt. Well thought-out in-house developments are behind our products made from the best materials and subsequently strict quality tests be subjected to. The result is reliable TV cables that meet the latest standards.

We not only offer great variety in terms of application - we also have different versions within the categories. Long cables, short cables, adapters, hybrid solutions or TV cables with angle plugs - in our range you will find a variant that optimally covers your needs and at an attractive price.


Which TV cables do I need?

All you need to receive the television program is a satellite or antenna cable. The choice usually depends on whether you receive television via satellite or antenna. If you want to connect other devices such as receivers or stereo systems, you need the appropriate video and audio cables. HDMI and cinch are among the most common variants in this area.

What do I have to consider when choosing cables for the TV?

The technology is constantly changing and improved cable technologies are constantly coming onto the market. Only new versions like HDMI 2.0 or HDMI2.1 support 4K and 8K content and picture enhancement features such as HDR and Dolby Vision. A new HDMI cable can therefore be worthwhile if you have a corresponding television.

Which TV cable do I need for internet connection?

If you prefer to connect your TV to the internet via cable, you have several options to choose from. The most common variants include using a network cable or using Powerline via the mains.