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TV audio cable - the perfect complement for rich sound

Whether you want to enjoy the latest blockbuster or cheer on your favorite team at the game - in addition to a detailed picture, immersive sound ensures the best possible experience. And for this you need the appropriate cables in addition to high-quality loudspeakers. You can get numerous in our online shop Best quality TV audio cable at an attractive price . There is also a suitable product for your television.

With better sound for a first-class television experience

You have a new television, the latest films and series may even be running in crystal-clear 4K resolution, but you are not really satisfied yet? The picture quality is only half the battle - an impressive sound is also part of it. Unfortunately, the pre-installed speakers usually leave a lot to be desired, even in high-priced televisions. Real film fans and home cinema enthusiasts therefore continue to use separate ones Soundbars, hi-fi systems and speaker systems back.

TV audio cable as a crucial component

If you really want to immerse yourself in the action, you not only need the end devices, but also the right connectors. TV audio cables allow the transmission of analog or digital audio signals and can be very different affect playback quality . After all, the signals must arrive at the output device unadulterated and without loss of quality.

If you invest in expensive entertainment electronics, you shouldn't end up failing because of the cable. The quality differences in reliability are really noticeable. While cheap variants are often affected by disconnections, noise and other interference signals, our high-quality audio cables are a problem reliable connection safe even over greater distances.

Audio cable for the TV - which one is the right one?

Do you want to enjoy your TV program, movie night or the next sporting event with great sound? Then you've come to the right place. In our online shop you can get various audio cables at attractive prices. So all you have to do is choose a suitable product - easier said than done, but we'll give you an overview of the most important cable types.


HDMI is one of the most well-known interfaces in the cable sector today. And that's hardly surprising. After all, the standard in home entertainment is omnipresent. When it comes to HDMI, many people first think of video transmission, but then there's the cable image and sound signals can transmit, it is also used in audio devices.

We use the latest technologies in our TV audio cables and HDMI is no exception. Support HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.1 ARC respectively eARC and can therefore receive and send audio signals - extremely practical if you want to send the sound of the TV program or a game console to an amplifier or receiver. This saves you an additional optical cable when connecting.

RCA cable

Over the years, technical standards have repeatedly been replaced by better versions - but exceptions prove the rule. The RCA connector is one of them. He has been counted as a for several decades fixed size in audio engineering and has made a name for itself as a TV audio cable. Both analogue and digital audio data can be transmitted.

In our range we offer RCA cable with various connectors and hybrid solutions. This is how you find a suitable variant for your devices. What they all have in common is the use of high-purity copper lines and effective shielding, which ensures loss-free transmission Playback without interference care for.

jack cable

Another easy way to connect the TV to the soundbar or stereo is this jack cable . Many devices are equipped with the compact connection, which makes installation uncomplicated. Also who Connect headphones to the TV usually cannot avoid the jack cable.

Similar to the cinch cables, we rely on high-purity copper cables with high-quality sheathing. This ensures the best protection without restricting flexibility. A continuous shield and gold-plated contacts contribute to reliability and longevity the cable.


Initially used as a proprietary connector for Toshiba, this has evolved TOSLINK cable quickly developed into a widespread standard due to its advanced technology. It's about a optical tv audio cable for the transmission of digital signals. The special feature lies in the optical fiber made of plastic, the no susceptibility to electrical and magnetic interference signals shows.

The TOSLINK cables from KabelDirekt are compatible with the usual optical inputs and outputs as well as S/PDIF connections - so nothing stands in the way of connecting your TV to the stereo or hi-fi system. We also carry cables with us Mini TOSLINK connectors used in compact devices.

TV audio cable for lossless transmission

Whether HDMI, cinch, jack or optical - the audio cables for the TV from KabelDirekt cover all requirements. Our products are not off the peg. These are carefully thought-out in-house developments with an exclusive design that are always up to date. With the Selection of the best materials, high production standards and multi-stage quality controls we guarantee reliable operation and a long service life. But see for yourself. We don't just offer great variety in the type of interface. Choose from different cables or use hybrid solutions and adapter cables for maximum compatibility. You will also find a suitable solution for your home entertainment system.


Which TV Audio Cable Provides the Best Sound?

The use of HDMI is recommended for most applications. On the one hand, numerous devices now have the corresponding connection, on the other hand, HDMI convinces with high data rates and is therefore completely sufficient for most requirements. If you value minimal susceptibility to interference, you can use the optical TOSLINK cable.

Which is better: optical cable or HDMI ARC?

If your devices support the function, we recommend HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC. Compared to the optical connection, ARC has the advantage that you save on a separate audio cable. In addition, current HDMI versions have very high data rates, which can have a positive effect on quality.