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Monitor stand for better ergonomics

More order, more storage space, more ergonomics - monitor stands are a successful addition to any desk and put your computer screen in the right position. Our platforms give your workplace a stylish look and are characterized by their easy handling.

Monitor stand – the advantages

The practical helper for the home office and the office! A monitor stand has more advantages than meets the eye. In brief, he scores with:

  • an improved sitting posture
  • more storage space
  • simple cable management
  • Stability and high resilience

An ergonomic workplace

If you spend many hours a day in front of a PC or laptop, you should consider your sitting position. After all, sitting for long periods of time and having the wrong posture can quickly increase Back and neck pain and other tension lead. To sit ergonomically, you don't just need an ergonomic chair - the orientation of the monitor can also contribute to a healthy posture.

As a guide, the top of the screen should be at eye level. However, not every monitor offers the necessary setting options . Our monitor stands can help here. They raise the screen and thus promote an upright posture. This reduces strain on the neck, reduces eye strain and promotes a relaxed and focused way of working.

More storage space for your desk

Our monitor stands not only contribute to a healthy sitting posture, they also ensure more order on your desk . With the large surface, there is also enough space for documents, pens and other work utensils in addition to the screen. In addition, the construction creates storage space under the monitor. This is ideal for storing the keyboard and mouse after using the computer.

The tidy look is further enhanced by clever solutions for easy cable management. So there is always order on your desk – the Basis for productive work . After all, a tidy desk promotes conscientious behavior, prevents the endless search for needed items and offers more freedom of movement.

Monitor stand made of high quality material

As practical as our monitor stands are, their appearance alone makes them a successful addition to any desk. We rely on one timeless design that integrates beautifully into any office. The high-quality materials and first-class workmanship contribute to an elegant appearance and also bring with them other advantages. They give our monitor stands the necessary stability . Whether it's a large monitor, notebook or all-in-one PC – our products can withstand all stresses.

Uncomplicated and versatile

Everything you need for assembly is included in the scope of delivery. Assembly only requires Just a few steps and the monitor stand is ready for use . In contrast to table mounts, which first have to be laboriously attached to the desk and aligned, you always remain flexible with our products. The stands are also suitable for other devices such as Desktop computers, laptops, tablets or printers and as a storage place for your work utensils.

More sustainability in the office

The wooden top of our monitor stands is made from FSC certified bamboo manufactured. This is an international certification system that identifies wood products that are manufactured with raw materials from sustainable forestry. We attach particular importance to controlled cultivation in the country of origin.


How do I optimally set up a monitor?

Position your monitor so that the top edge is approximately at the level of your eyes. When looking at the center of the screen, the tilt angle is around 20 to 30 degrees. With correct posture, the strain on the neck, shoulder and back muscles is reduced.

What is the optimal distance from the monitor?

The distance to the monitor also plays an important role in ergonomics. There is no fixed value because it depends, among other things, on the display size. For common screen diagonals for the office and home office, the distance is between 50 and 90 cm.