Collection: Coaxial cable for the TV

Coaxial cables are essential for home entertainment. No matter how you receive your television signal, without the right cable, the screen remains black. We offer high-quality coaxial cables for the TV in various designs that give you first-class picture and audio quality.

Coaxial cable - for the best TV and radio reception

Television via antenna, satellite or cable - despite the wide range of streaming services, that is classic programs are still in high demand . If you want to enjoy your favorite show or follow current live events and sporting events, you not only need the right end devices. In addition to television, receiver and hi-fi system the cables also have a decisive influence on the quality of the content . If you value a smooth connection, good reception and sharp pictures in Full HD or even 4K, it is worth investing in a high-quality coaxial cable for the TV.

What are the characteristics of coaxial cable for TV?

Coaxial cables are suitable for various areas of application, but the basic structure always remains the same. Inside is a electrical conductor of high-purity copper that is responsible for signal transmission. In order to avoid interference signals, it is made up of several layers insulation and shielding surround. We rely on aluminum mylar and an aluminum mesh. This combination ensures the perfect synthesis of protection and flexibility. This allows you to always enjoy the best reception without having to make compromises when laying the coax cable.

TV coaxial cable - note the plug

TV coaxial cables fall into two categories: satellite cables and antenna cables. The cables themselves are identical. Both have one Characteristic impedance of 75 ohms on – a standard value that guarantees first-class performance. Accordingly, both can also transmit the same signals: DVB-T, DVB-C, DVB-S and DBV-S2 – this covers the common connection types. However, coax cable is not just coax cable.

One of the most important distinguishing features is the plug. After all, you can only connect your devices if they are compatible. Our satellite cable for satellite and cable television are equipped with a so-called F connector fitted. This is screwed on and thus always ensures a stable hold. Does your wall jack or end device have one coax jack , you will see our antenna cables find it. We also offer a hybrid version with F and coax connectors. There are different variants to choose from:

  • straight to straight connector
  • angled to angled connector
  • angled to straight connector

Angled plugs are particularly suitable if you only have limited space or if there is a piece of furniture in front of the wall socket. When it comes to our high-quality cables, we also make a point shielded full metal connector with gold-plated contacts for lossless signal transmission.

Coaxial cable for the TV and more at KabelDirekt

Experience television and radio without compromises - with the coaxial cables for the TV from KabelDirekt. We have fundamentally redesigned the cables to optimize durability, stability and fitment. In addition, each cable runs through Multiple tests to ensure smooth functionality.

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Are all coaxial cables the same?

The structure of the coaxial cable is usually identical. Nevertheless, there are differences depending on the area of ​​application. The most important features include the connections, the shielding and the attenuation.

Is coaxial cable for TV the same as satellite cable?

All satellite cables are coaxial cables. The name only helps to make the area of ​​application immediately apparent. For the satellite connection, you usually need the variant with an F connector. Then screw the plug onto the thread on the wall socket and connect the other end to your end device.

Which coaxial cable is suitable for 4K?

All of our coaxial cables for the TV are suitable for receiving 4K or UHD content. Please note, however, that the right cable is not enough. The receiver and the television must also be 4K-capable. You also need a subscription service to receive 4K channels.