Collection: coaxial cable for the internet

Are you looking for a stable internet connection without disconnections? For this you not only need a reliable provider, but also the right hardware. Our coaxial cables for the Internet are characterized by their first-class shielding and are available in many versions.

Coaxial cable - the all-rounder for the home

Thanks to the clever structure and the associated advantages, the coaxial cable has become Standard in many areas of application developed. Inside is an electrical conductor, usually made of copper, through which the signals are sent and received. This is followed by an insulation layer, a braided shield and finally an outer jacket that protects the inner workings from external influences. Coaxial cables are:

  • inexpensive
  • easy to install
  • durable
  • not susceptible to interference signals

In most cases, coaxial cables serve this purpose domestic television reception , which is why they are known as antenna cables and satellite cables. Variants with cinch connectors are mainly found in home theater area for use. But they are not only suitable for the transmission of audio and video signals. The in-house high speed internet can also be realized with the coaxial cable.

Coaxial cable for the internet – how it works

When it comes to choosing an Internet connection, the main choices are DSL and cable Internet. While the telephone line is used with DSL, this Cable internet via the TV network in your own four walls. The entire package then comes out of the wall socket: radio, television, telephony and the Internet. Network operators are constantly modernizing and expanding the network. Depending on the tariff, the variant is suitable for intensive use with multiple devices and streaming in high quality. So that the connection is established, in addition to the cable connection there is also a special cable router and the right coaxial cable for the Internet necessary.

Coaxial cable for routers from KabelDirekt

Similar to TV reception, you must first attach the coaxial cable to the wall socket. We offer different types of connectors for this purpose. It's your choice Coaxial cables with F connectors, coax connectors and hybrid solutions. Are you looking for a space-saving variant? Then reach for our coaxial cables for the Internet with right-angle connectors. We rely on gold-plated contacts and continuous shielding, which allows you maximum speed without disconnections.


Which coaxial cable for Internet do I need?

In principle, no special coaxial cable is required for Internet via the TV network. However, it is worth choosing a product with good shielding so that the connection remains stable over long distances. Also pay attention to the type of plug. Depending on the end device, a coaxial cable with a coax connector or with an F connector can be used.

How do I connect a coaxial cable for the Internet?

The coaxial cable is necessary to connect the router to the network. For this you need a special cable router and a multimedia wall socket that has the appropriate connection for Internet reception.

What internet speed is possible with a coaxial cable?

With high-performance coaxial cables, you can surf at up to 1000 Mbit/s - that is, significantly higher speeds than with DSL and VDSL. Ultimately, the speed also depends on the provider and the existing network.