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Coaxial cables have become indispensable in general use. They are used wherever video and audio signals are transmitted - for example in televisions, receivers or hi-fi systems. In our online shop we have a large selection of high-quality cables that leave nothing to be desired.

What is coaxial cable?

Depending on the area of ​​application, coaxial cables are also referred to as antenna cables or SAT cables. Coaxial describes the concentric structure . Inside the cable is an electrical conductor, usually a copper wire, which is responsible for signal transmission. The whole thing is surrounded by an insulator and several layers of shielding. Then it is coated with plastic or rubber. Coaxial cables are suitable for the transmission of audio and video signals . That is why they are used in televisions, satellite dishes, receivers and music systems, among other things.

Coaxial cable – advantages at a glance

Due to their structure and the way they work, the coaxial cables have numerous advantages that contribute to their great popularity. It is therefore no wonder that, despite the alternatives available, they have not yet become obsolete. Coax cables are:

  • versatile
  • compatible with many devices
  • unsusceptible to disturbances
  • easily extendable

Thanks to the continuous shielding, coaxial cables ensure reliable signal transmission. We rely on a dual high-density material that uses a perfect balance of protection against interference signals and flexibility guaranteed. So you can always enjoy your favorite content in brilliant quality - even over long distances. In addition, the cables are durable, easy to use and inexpensive to buy.

Coax cable for every application

Whether for the office, the home office or the living room - our coaxial cables are suitable for a wide variety of applications. The most important features include impedance, attenuation, shielding and the type of connector. Our coax cables are ideally adapted to their intended area of ​​application and are always impressive with loss-free image and sound transmission.

SAT and antenna cable

Coaxial cables are ideal for receiving digital and analog signals. You can use them to connect receivers, televisions or radios. On the one hand, there are choices Cables with F-connectors that screw onto the antenna or the antenna socket and give you first-class satellite reception. On the other hand, we offer Cable with coaxial plug and coax socket at. They are used for cable connections for televisions and for the transmission of various radio standards. Whichever variant you choose, with our products you always benefit from first-class reception.

Cinch cable for video and audio

Our coaxial cables with RCA connectors transmit audio and video signals in uncompromising quality. It doesn't matter whether it's about analog or digital signals is - the characteristic impedance of 75 ohms makes it possible. So you can use the cables for new and old devices. to choose from 1-to-1 cables, Y-cables and cables with two connectors at both ends. You will find the cinch connection on loudspeakers, subwoofers, hi-fi systems, A/V receivers and televisions, among other things.

Internet with coaxial cable

Internet from the TV socket – no problem with a coaxial cable. It is a hybrid technology designed for a fast and stable connection cares. Because the Internet connection also benefits from the extensive shielding against interference signals. Accordingly, our coaxial cables are the ideal supplement for the cable router.

KabelDirekt – your contact point for high-quality cables

you want one Buy coaxial cable ? Then you are at the right address. With us you get all versions in different Lengths from 0.5 m to 20 m . We always rely on pure copper lines and extensive protection against interference signals. The connector itself is also shielded and gold plated to prevent corrosion damage. Nothing stands in the way of impressive sound and crystal-clear image quality.

Also take a look at the rest of our range. From TV and video cables , via network cable , through to PC cables – we provide you with everything you need for wiring your devices.


What is the difference between coaxial cable and antenna cable?

In fact, coaxial cable and antenna cable are the same thing. Coax cables owe their name to their concentric structure, but other designations such as antenna cables and SAT cables have been established over time due to their intended use.

What is coaxial cable used for?

There are a number of possible applications for coaxial cable. This includes connecting the TV or receiver to the antenna or satellite dish, connecting audio and video equipment and transmitting Internet and telephony.

What is the difference between satellite and antenna cables?

The only difference between the two cable types is the connector. Satellite cables (SAT) have F connectors (screw locking). Antenna cables, on the other hand, have coax plugs and sockets that cannot be screwed tight.

What are satellite cables (SAT) used for?

With a satellite cable (SAT), televisions or receivers can be connected via the SAT connection. Depending on the type of access, Internet access is also possible using a coaxial cable. Some devices (such as routers) have a corresponding SAT connection.

What is an RCA cable?

A cinch cable is a coaxial cable that is equipped with so-called RCA or cinch connectors.

What is a subwoofer cable?

Cables used to connect the amplifier to the subwoofer are coaxial cables with single RCA connectors on both ends (1 RCA to 1 RCA).

How can I connect my smartphone to an AV receiver?

If your smartphone has a 3.5 mm jack, you can use an adapter cable 2 cinch/RCA to jack connect to your AV receiver.