Collection: Cable ducts and cable baskets

Cable baskets – for more order at your desk

Cables, power supplies and multiple sockets dangling around the desk are not a pretty sight and can become a disruptive factor at work. But what to do with the cable clutter? Quite simply: our stable ones Metal cable baskets offer plenty of storage space and make chaos a thing of the past.

Cables as far as the eye can see

Whether in your own four walls or in the office – there is something in modern working life extensive hardware arsenal for use. This includes the computer, the laptop, often several Monitors and, depending on your activity, many other peripheral devices. On the one hand, the devices are connected to each other, on the other hand, many still require a separate power supply or network connection. So gather together numerous cables and power supplies at the desk – not a pretty sight when the cable chaos remains untamed.

A tidy workplace – the advantages

An organized desk creates a completely different atmosphere. The order is reflected in the work and has a positive effect on well-being - ideal for more peace and a clear perspective. So enhances a well thought out Cable management Your satisfaction, productivity and efficiency . In addition, you avoid crawling under the table and pulling out the wrong plug due to a lack of visibility.

Exposed cables are also a problem, especially in the office Security risk They quickly turn out to be a tripping hazard. All it takes is one wrong step and the device is disconnected from the socket or the connection is even damaged. Well-stored cables improve occupational safety and demonstrate professionalism.

Cable management with cable baskets

Creating order made easy: With our baskets hide freely running cables without much effort. Say goodbye to cable clutter. Large versions also offer enough space for the Accommodation of multiple sockets and power supplies of all kinds that otherwise dangle unattractively and restrict freedom of movement. The material is also designed for greater loads. For our metal baskets for cables, we rely on high-quality steel with a powder coating, which is impressive in the home office and in the office.

Wire baskets for cables: clever and versatile

Clean Cable management without restrictions! KD Essentials cable baskets run under the edge of the table - right where you need them. The installation is extremely easy . They bring them baskets simply via Clamping mechanism on the table or on the cupboard. Additional tools are not absolutely necessary, but alternatively there are additional drill holes on the back, for example for mounting on a wall.

We avoid sharp corners and edges in the construction, which ensures maximum safety. The table is also reliably protected because the well-thought-out padding prevents scratches and other damage in the clamping area.

Hide cables with KabelDirekt

Cable baskets are the first step to a tidy desk, but we offer even more practical accessories Cable management at. This includes our certified Multiple sockets with USB and power delivery , reusable cable ties and Bamboo storage boxes where you can store unused cables.


How can I improve my cable management?

Creating order in the workplace is not an easy task. We'll help you with a few tips:

  1. Plan before you get started. Think about what devices you need, where they are, and where you can most effectively route the cables.
  2. Use tools such as cable baskets, cable ducts, junction boxes and cable ties to organize and hide cables.
  3. Use the cable management features of your devices. Monitors in particular are often equipped with devices that help you to bundle the cables.

How do I hide cables at my desk?

The easiest way to hide cables at your desk are Cable baskets and cable trays . They are attached under the table top and offer enough space for cable bundles, multiple sockets and power supplies.

What do I have to consider when laying the cables?

To make your cable connections invisible, they need to be placed around corners or in a loop every now and then. Please note the bending radii of the cables. Sooner or later, kinks can impair functionality or cause damage.